Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the devil behind the mask

everyone likes him,
the boyish good looks and the open smile,
the sharp intellect fooled them all,
except me
from the first moment until the most recent,
his insincerity is so deep that even he doesn't know
it's there as he fist bumps his colleagues,
friends and family.
I have lived in the shadow
of such men, they also live in their
own shadow.

Monday, January 16, 2017

so worth it

So worth it.
the humiliation of 
the stern gaze, the sharp voice doesn't
even match the illicit pleasure of gobbling 
eight cookies.
Eight!  Just purchased yesterday,
in my happy belly. 
sometimes the ask forgiveness later
is the best, my parents will never not
forgive me.
after the stern look, she gathers the broken
shards of my cookie jar, the very few crumbs
which may have escaped me
and goes back to her usual habits.
she never liked that dog cookie jar
I'm sure I did her favor.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

skating is hard

every time I am surrounded by towering trees
iced in pristine snow,
I am breathing hard and wondering why
why do I do this skating thing
where form falls to the fallacy of
pretending I know how
the hills roll in front of me
I flail over them until I stop and breathe
in magnificent beauty, clean air, silence
but for my breath.
skating is hard
living is hard
remember the beauty along the way.

Friday, January 13, 2017


a friendship gone to pieces
that have nothing to do with me
over the years of a cold shoulder
asking my husband out on a Friday night
hoping one day
for warmth
laughing over a margarita
patience rewarded

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Farewell, Obama

if you don't like your leadership, run for office.
go door to door, gather signatures.
talk to your neighbors instead of engaging in warfare
on social media.
we are one country.
i'm following All Together Now,
the leader is in a wheelchair, she' out there
what excuse do I have, fit, white, educated.
we are one country
but it's much easier to watch it all go by and
complain, in fear and anger.
I understand this but
we are all one country
from Kentucky to California,
from Boston to El Paso.
I'm not like them except that
I am, we are all human,
we are one country.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lessons from a dog

how many poems have been written about
lessons from a dog,
to fully immerse yourself in nature,
then carry its beauty along on your nose
as long as it lasts, or until there is something 
better smelling.
humans don't understand such things.
we don't know how to wag our tails,
how to let bygones be bygones
or how to do a full crotch sniff with
no embarrassment,
instead circling each other looking 
for clues of friendship or enmity.
dogs know how to nap while we are at
work, arousing themselves for the good things
in life, dinner, walks, and play.
in exchange for such luxury, they love us
unconditionally no matter who 
we are, but let dogs teach us to be loving
in return, to show acceptance of all.
everyone needs love.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Neighborhood meeting now that I'm the boss

we'll start at 6 p.m. with drinks and tapas
to warm up , get some talk going, get to know each other
gather around the Christmas tree.
the little 4 year old boy wants to know what the
bug-assault weapon is, and tells me all about guns.
he's a boy.
then we'll move over to the other place for the meeting
and I'll pull out my agenda, get everyone seated and
start the meeting.
No unnecessary dwelling on topics that have been
picked to the bone and only one conversation at the time.
I demand politeness but interrupt when necessary.
Three times as many people come to my meetings
because they are fun and productive
and I smile at them.
We cover it all
and I go home.
Mission accomplished.