Thursday, December 1, 2016

Supply Chain

Supply Chain.
A chain which prevents movement forward
A faceless crowd of bureaucrats ensnared in
rules of their own making,
Separation of church and state is nothing
compared with the separation of purchase
requisitions and purchase orders. notwithstanding
the material requisition which no one seems to
know how it is made, nor where it is needed.
I wait impatiently, I try to do their job
for them.
I need my project to move forward.

it's been ten days and nothing has been
ordered yet.
The Chain is around my neck,
strangling me and my

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

fighting fascism in my country

I'll never call him President.
Presidents don't tweet and bully,
lie and humiliate all who are not
white and male.
he is setting up the apparatus to destroy
my country, a country of immigrants, of freedom,
still one of hope.
I will fight, I will march, I will call,
I will speak against injustice,
I will send money,
Most of all, I promise myself that
I will not be silent.
I must not be silent.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sulfamethoxazole fatigue

bone crushing fatigue
gravity alone keeps a person from rising
in the morning
bones and muscles complain of being
too tired to move
the dog must be walked
the birdfeeder is empty
I have a job
and sleep evades me.
so unfair and yet it's worth it
as in sleeplessness I do not cough
nor do I snore or sneeze
I am not banished to the upstairs bed
where the sheets are cold and lonely.
I just lie quietly in bed
listening to his rhythmic
breathing, feeling the warmth
of his body.

Monday, November 28, 2016

no response

every time i go east
i call, i text, i email

he used to have a separate bedroom
for his parakeet, Zola.

he never replies
even though he is a writer
of very short prose
it would not be that hard to

email me, text me, write me, phone me
send a postcard of Fenway Field,

i know he loves that place.

our backdoors once opened onto the 
same stairwell.

one year he gave me an address book
with a woodblock print on the front.
i still have it
it still has his address in it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

the power of imagination

let's not be in the moment,
we swelter in the sun, our eyes peering through slits
towards shimmering mirages, our minds take us
to crystal-clear cenotes and Mayan ruins, the 
cool water flows over our bare skin.
let's not be here in the classroom, bored out of our minds,
when we can compose a symphony, conduct a 100
person orchestra.
we'll listen when there is something worth hearing.
where the human imagination can go,
let it go.
the cleaning of dirty dishes does not require the full mind.
I'd rather dream of walking through alpine meadows, 
imagining lying in the softest warmest bed with a good novel,
the dishes can mind their own selves,
they do not need my full attention.

Friday, November 25, 2016


one can go anywhere.
across the expanses of deserts, along a beach,
up mountains, endless roadways facing the wind.
I'll be there.
there are endless possibilities
with a rain coat, a wind jacket and a good helmet,
a friend, a brother, myself with the songs
of birds on the wire.
we'll go anywhere with our hat in hand,
bound to earth by the steady hum of tire on pavement,
a whir of a motor helping us along.
we could all use a hand.
buy an electric bike.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Learning to carve a turkey

thank goodness for YouTube videos,
for sharp knives,
It's Thanksgiving and thank goodness
for friends and family who brought
apple pies and pumpkin pie,
for mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce,
brussel sprouts and freshly baked bread.
thank goodness for our lives,
how privileged are our lives.