Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I have missed you

I have missed our conversations,
the lessons you have taught me late at night,
when there is quiet and the dog snores in the closet.
where have you been this last month, who stole your thoughts
I waited to hear from you while weddings took place,
papers were published and the world continues to
fall to pieces.
I need you
Please don't leave me again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

behind bravada lies a tear

behind bravada lies a tear
or two, enough to empty a kleenex box
one week, all bluster and arrogance
in desperate straits the facade fades,
no, falls as heavy rain turning to tears
youth is filled with such things, a push
and a pull yet needing a helping hand
I can do that for you, you who
entered with bravada, exited with
tears yet wet on your cheeks.
everything will work out.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

beauty in ice

I went looking for flowers
to go with the ice,
to thread the stems delicately 
through a weave of dendrites 
I imagined them shooting across
the chasm of supercooled water
yes, I studied such things 
a long time ago.
the ice, how much ice I have frozen
for my love, how many dendrites
have I seen, so many fractures and 
ice so crystal clear.
I went looking for flowers to 
celebrate ice.

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Poetry of Thanks

I forgot the nice bottle of wine,
The beautiful card, a nice piece of artisanal cheese,
All of the niceties that good guests leave behind
The ones with good manners and a full head of hair,
We are the bald and the crippled, the overworked nurse who still needs to
Write a presentation for a week from today and gets interrupted for
Another glass of Root, with ice, after a shower and a shave
I meant to do better, but I didn’t, having destroyed two plastic containers
As water expanded to ice, I meant to be a better guest
With excellent manners.
We thank you, Al and Sharon, for a break from looking out the
Same windows, for a comfy bed, for the challenge of finding anything in
Your beautiful kitchen, for your friendship.


Sunday, August 5, 2018

QQN- 064 Love in America

Nothing like the warm hug of cold steel,
the smooth butt of a handgun or round 
barrel of a .45
it's all love, isn't it, love of country and each other,
standing proud over the American flag,
I wanted to go hug you, QQN-064, but you 
looked preoccupied as you awaited the final number
from the Geico adjuster,
how many was it in Sandy Hook, or the nightclub
in Florida, how is Ms. Giffords fairing these days,
somehow the warm hug turned into warm blood.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

the invalid and his nurse

he snores at night, unable to roll onto his side,
waking himself up, realizing he needs to use the bathroom,
and reaching down to grasp the yogurt container for such
she sleeps upstairs, restless, then falling into the deep sleep
only exhaustion brings
the tasks of emptying yogurt containers, hefting ice buckets,
cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, administering medications,
she snores at night, waking herself and realizing she needs to use the bathroom
and her small feet pad across the cool wooden floor,
hoping she is not waking the invalid, who may call out to
her for something
she wants to turn off her phone
but she doesn't.
she loves him,
after all.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I'm miss seeing you

I miss seeing you spill onto a white screen
telling me things you have kept inside,
things you have seen but not shared with me,
thoughts that run through your mind
we should talk about this
about why you are silent
was it that I ignored you, always listening
to other voices, focusing on ideas that
have nothing to do with the sounds around me,
the rustling of trees or the plants in the garden,
they are trying to talk to me, too.