Friday, September 22, 2017

unable to share

Unable to share
the photo of the old man out for his morning stroll,
supporting himself on his walker, his small white poodle
accompanying him, the sun is low in the sky,
I would have shown you but the Cloud says it's unable
to share right now and to come back later,
since when does the Cloud sleep,
I'd like to know.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

the perfect latte

Artistry can be found everywhere, created anywhere
by anyone at anytime
in any weather
during travels for any reason,
a  perfect latte is the perfect reason to stop,
to reflect,
to donate the same amount of money
to anyone anywhere anytime
who is in need.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Writing it up

what  does Henry's Law have to do with anything
what does a sub-monolayer look like
and what does the Martian wind look like near the surface
when it's hot and when it's cold
these are the questions worth asking when it's 10 p.m.
Colorado time, and there's an empty wine glass
and an empty martini glass on the table in front of me
I'll say what I have to say.
and when my feet slip into my wool slippers and 
my pajamas are soft against my skin,
the blankets are warm and my eyes are closed
my dreams will come to me 
I will see the wind dervishes on Mars
spinning, spinning,spinning

Monday, September 18, 2017

Packing for Mars 2020 Peer Review

shall I wear the slightly stretchy pants
the first day or the second, with the colorful
top, the black jacket, how about my favorite
socks with the Swiss emblem,
I haven't reviewed the technical materials yet,
but will jeans be ok on the second day,
it seems they dress business casual all the
time even though it's California,
maybe too many old white men?
and it's late again, and my friend, Steve,
would be packed in five minutes but
perhaps he did not just finish making home made
granola and homemade yogurt for his
The technical details will wait until tomorrow
night after a cocktail with an old friend,
that should release the critical mind to do
her work while she sleeps.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Earning a belt

I chased him, the old mestre around
the roda, knowing he could bring me down
and we laughed at this knowledge in this game,
I kicked and he easily stepped away, I ducked
under his kicks that moved so slowly, 
arcing gracefully over my head.
he pointed behind me and I turned my head,
for a moment only to see him laughing at me.
he had taught me never to do that, to always
keep your eyes on your opponent.
after the fun, he wrapped my waist with my 
first belt, lovingly wrapped by my mestre,
never say never, never say too old.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Looking for that special bowl

I'm looking for that special bowl that she 
carefully spun on a potter's wheel, the one she 
described as "Dinner set with green chun lip",
I looked for a set of four
Isn't that what a dinner set is, or it is six,
It was one, a dinner for one seems so lonely,
nestled amongst handle-less mugs, extravagantly
elegant pitchers and pudgy objects that only
a mother would love.
I loved all those hand formed pieces she brought
me from kindergarten, and the handprint still pressed
into the cement on 13th Street marked "Karen".
these are the objects that endure alongside
my steadfast love for the girl that made
the pudgy pots and smeared posters,
I still have them all.