Saturday, September 11, 2010

The End of Le Poeme

Wow...I'm officially stopping my posts to Le Poeme.  I am now posting to    Three of us poets post to this site, all writing to the same prompts.  The other two young poets are also very special people in my life:  my daughter, Karen, and Andrea, her Harvard roommate who I have had the good fortune to get to know much better.  We each provide one prompt a week.  Some of the more recent prompts have included:
Write a poeme about a scene from where you live at a particular time of day  (Karen is in Wellington, New Zealand;  I am in Boulder, CO; Andrea is in Las Cruces, New Mexico).
Write a poem about brothers.
Learn the meaning of your name and write a poem about it.
Write a poem imitating the style of Wallace Stevens, your choice of poem.
Write a poem about a particular picture that is supplied..which was a pinhole camera picture.

It was just time to move on after 857 postings. 


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Cecile, even though it's onomatopoeia, "sniff" has two f's. ;) But I concur. I mean, I have to change a url link on my blog now. Geez.