Friday, April 10, 2015

Running into my friend

truly an accident and completely my fault,
my right turn into a her bike heading straight, a crash,
our bikes twisted into a 3-d sculpture of wheels
in the air, locked pedals, handlebars facing downwards,
our bodies splayed on the ground.
passers-by rush in.
we think we're physically ok, the bikes seem to work
I'm horrified that this was all my fault.
we brush ourselves off, she looks down at
her right thigh and muses that it will be sore,
she's a good sport, my friend, I could have
expected her to punch me, but she's not that
sort so I wandered home looking for penanace.
thank goodness there was someone at home who
could and did the job, I stand chastised
and chagrined.

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