Monday, September 26, 2016


you're really undecided
between a well educated, smart, poised woman
and a rambling, cheating tax evader?
you mumble reasons about needing a change
in the system, how he speaks to "us",
the ones who believe Muslims should be blocked
from this country, the one built on the backs and minds
of immigrants,
"us", the ones who believe a woman should be at home
and that law and order is all that is needed to solve the
black problem, that fear the reality that the power
of the uneducated white man is coming to an end,
good riddance to that.
a small voice makes you undecided, a small voice
resonating in the cranial cavity that knows that Trump
is not the answer, does not have answers, nor the
capacity to find them.
there is a little voice that knows that she is
the better candidate even if she is a woman,
even if she lies sometimes and you don't like her.
she is the better candidate,
so damn it, go vote for her.

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