Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tucked between the pages

The credit card, never activated,
tucked in a book of poems, the sticker,
slightly faded, still attached
"To confirm you have received your card
American Express 1111 1234 567 abc
please call 1 800 233 1515"
The paper never read
"An Atlas of Solar Spectra between 1175 and 
1959 Angstroms Recorded on Skylab"
faded, tucked between some pages,
A picture of an ancient love
flame long extinguished,
children long gone
their cherubic innocence transformed to street hardness,
the world of business and science,
an old blanket
a missing sock
a forgotten letter
poetry waiting to be read
a garden to be weeded,
Tucked behind the mock orange bush, I spot between
fragrant arching branches
an orange toy truck, rusted,
once tucked between the pages of

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