Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The After-Haircut Shampoo

I’m afraid to wash my hair,
the spray-on wax, the gel,
the moisturizing cream, the perfect
curls (slightly smashed from sleeping
on them), the bangs that tickle
my eyelashes but don’t obstruct
my vision, the hairstylist’s magic.
Once I wash my hair, my haircut
won’t work anymore; my bangs will
curl up in a flip, all the curls will
frizz, and I’ll look like a doofus.
My daughter will wrinkle her
nose with distaste, oh why do I
have to wash my hair of stylist


Cecile said...

What to do ? you go back to the hairdresser again !

Genevieve said...

But I would have to drive to Longmont to see Angela again since she did such an awesome job! ; )