Thursday, October 14, 2010

MIce are Not Nice

I opened the lid, flying down
to the floor, skittering under
the stove to safety;
S. jumped on top of the dinette,
 the dogs wandered in, too little,
too late being incompetent
at such things.
What a way to start the day.
a few hours later, I went to wash a few
dishes and a big fat mouse emerged
from under the single bowl in the sink.
Quicker this time, I captured
it under a yogurt container, slipped
a newspaper underneath and carried
it out to the dumpster on the other
side of the alley, where I am sure it
will tunnel its way down, find
a tiny hole and run back to my
house where it believes it will
again roam the land of milk
and honey until it smells that
little spot of almond butter
on a little black plastic plate
and everything will go
Make my day,

1 comment:

sharon in boulder said...

"Make my day mousie" I love it!