Monday, January 16, 2012

What do dogs want?

A simple predictable life with lots of naps
preferably to the steady drone of master's snoring.
A rawhide half eaten, securely held under a right
front paw for enjoyment.
A dog wants her walk in the early morning
after a pre-breakfast to provide energy for
her full body wag, for sniffing that tall stand of
grass by the fly fishing shop, or for leaving
his personal signature behind.
he wants to nap after breakfast to recover from
his exertion as he listens to his mistress talk on the
phone to someone she loves.
dogs hate conflict. 
if she has to go to work, they want access to the couch
even though they know that they are not allowed,
if found, they will slink off with guilty eyes.
After a full day of naps, walks and food,
a dog wants a good night's sleep dreaming of
chasing, and catching, an endless supply of cats and

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