Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pizza Night

every Tuesday
it's pizza night, I smell it coming out
of the oven when I walk in.
My reward for working out.
Tonight it is covered in crispy kale
and the wine is particularly potent,
we snuggle on the couch and watch
something on TV that dissolves all the
mundane worries of the day.
drones fly across the TV screen,
blondes with psychiatric disorders
or handcuffed Americans in foreign lands
drift across the screen and in the back of my mind
I know that this happens in real life.
Today ISIS burned a man alive in a cage,
I will never forget hearing that news.
It will be etched forever in my memory.
there was no smell of pizza or fine wine,
a human life ended in the most horrible way.
Can there be any deeper sorrow.
we try to drown it out with pizza and wine
for a few moments, but it never
goes away.

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