Thursday, May 28, 2015

Accomplishments and Good-byes

She's always been pretty in pink.
And now she's not only pretty, but accomplished,
strong, poised and moving forward on her 
self determined path,
No surprise that when she saw me,
she exclaimed how small I am, it is only
that she has become so big.
Look at her in pink, they call it crimson
here and everyone knows what it means.
She's on top of the world and she knows it.

and yet, when all the gowns have been returned,
the microphones and sound systems dissembled.
when the cameras are put away and the large families
have dispersed, there is an emptiness that reminds
us that with moving on is also leaving behind.
I wore that pink robe, and now she.
this stage is over, the tables are being folded and loaded into 
trucks, I will leave this city with no plans 
to come back, no more Ph.D's, no more
crimson robes, 
I'll pack my bags tomorrow 
when I come back Sunday, she won't 
even be here anymore.
Cambridge will be lonelier for it.

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