Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pointing at elk

docile as cows although we could hear the grass being ripped from ground.
astounding that in one year, a bull elk can grow 40 pounds of  antlers and
still hold his head erect; they drop to the earth after rutting is over once they
have their harem, or slink off into the forest without one.
if only human mating was so simple.
we'd carefully sniff each other, and the women would watch the
males rattle their antlers against each other.
i learned that the males urinate on themselves and on the ground,
only to roll in it, their legs flailing in the air.
everyone should be so stinky.
instead we go on-line and look at pictures and read descriptions
only to find that they don't smell quite right and we move
on to the next.

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