Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lessons from a dog

how many poems have been written about
lessons from a dog,
to fully immerse yourself in nature,
then carry its beauty along on your nose
as long as it lasts, or until there is something 
better smelling.
humans don't understand such things.
we don't know how to wag our tails,
how to let bygones be bygones
or how to do a full crotch sniff with
no embarrassment,
instead circling each other looking 
for clues of friendship or enmity.
dogs know how to nap while we are at
work, arousing themselves for the good things
in life, dinner, walks, and play.
in exchange for such luxury, they love us
unconditionally no matter who 
we are, but let dogs teach us to be loving
in return, to show acceptance of all.
everyone needs love.

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