Monday, January 9, 2017

Blame Mom

She fed us pizza and mac and cheese
Every night, even though we begged for it.
She should have known better.
She dated a really bad guy and talked to him on 
The phone late at night.
She was tired in the morning and we wore
Clothing that didn't match and frayed shoelaces.  
She divorced our dad and then divorced another guy.
She moved us out of the rental house we loved into
This tiny house with really steep stairs.
There were no other kids in our neighborhood.
Sometimes the hamster/guinea pig/rabbits cages smelled bad
And the house was a mess.
She loved us, though, we can't deny
So, we went to college and graduate school
And are successful.
Mom's house is still kind of messy, but not so much
And she still bakes great chocolate cookies
And sets a great example of a good life.
Especially, she still loves us
And we love her, too.

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