Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Plan

I don't do PowerPoint slides.
I only plan experiments and write them on the board.
I photograph them on my iPhone and put them
in presentations. 
I don't do Visio either.
I meet with Vice Presidents, I don't do
mid-managers or those who should be.
I'm a snob, an impatient intellectual
who can't be bothered to explain when there 
is work to be done, and no one has any better
ideas, they hardly understand the problem except
that they have to give a daily briefing to
the customer behind some closed doors.
This experiment has never been done,
stupidly never done,
so typical of the bureaucratic system that 
denounces science experiments when in 
fact, science is what saves us all.
Science is the closest we can get to 
pure truth.

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