Sunday, July 9, 2017

Walking down the river

and a dirt path 
became a raging river, filled with hail
and rain, 
I put my sunhat over my rain hood
to keep from being beaten about the face
with icy pellets.
any attempts to keep dry feet were quickly aborted
and I hiked down the trail with haste,
yet cautiously,
hoping not
to slip on hidden rocks.
Woe to the hikers who had no rain gear,
they were huddled under spindly pine trees
I would have helped them if I could.
And to the mountain bikers who were
careening down hill a moment ahead of me,
they were caught in hail, wheels splashing
through the rivers that used to be trails.
How quickly things change 
from a sunny warm day to 
thunder, hail and torrential rain.
Let us be prepared.

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