Sunday, August 1, 2010


she loved the yellow stucco house with its
pink and green trim, 50’s style dinette
and three built in book shelves lining
the living room walls.
the day she moved in she noticed the
dirty grey walls, the scratched black
and white linoleum floors and the
landscaping which contained but a single
bedraggled lilac bush in front.
undeterred, she moved in, planted flowers
and painted the walls;  she is still
mopping the scratched linoleum
floor which never looks particularly
clean.  Maybe one day, the floor will
be replaced, but not likely.


frizatch said...

Dude, I like that floor!

Linda said...

Forget about the floor - you have completely transformed the garden into something beautiful, homey, relaxing, and charming.

Genevieve said...

I love the floor, too. Which is why I doubt it will ever be replaced. Stephen says when he moves in he will pay for it to be redone. But why??