Monday, August 30, 2010


A quick write during lunch break.....not a single edit....


A lack of seeing


our eyes dart around

from face to face, watching

drama unfold at the movie theatre

in our lives

we usually don't look too

far or too long, too busy

in our hives, buzzing

around,  each moment taken

in, soon forgotten,  as

the moon transits our sky

every night, the stars wheel

overhead while we sleep,

resting before another frenetic

day from panic to panic,

soon forgotten as the sun rises

and sets, the high summer sun

sinks, preparing for winter

when we will hold our coats

against the cold, shoveling snow

before the darkness sets in,

and we rush inside to watch

the latest episodes, never

noticing the most majestic of

them all, right outside

our very windows.

Le Poeme

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