Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Neighborhood Yard Sale

M. and M. showed up at my table
with a box of donations for the yard sale;
they had something else to do,
(I so wished I did, too).
They spread out their beautiful tablecloths
from Europe to lure passers-by.
All three tablecloths were quickly snatched up;
they disappeared into my plastic box
(that I had emptied of its contents only
moments ago, vowing to rid my house
of extraneous unnecessary items.)
The yard sale offered me so many treasures:
a slide rule, a vintage vacuum cleaner with a broken gasket,
a chipped green glass vase, wicker baskets, well-read
novels and how-to-improve-your-attitude books.
I carted my plastic box home, full of new treasures
which I stuffed into overstuffed drawers to wait until
next year when I would load my new treasures
into a plastic box and cart them down to the
park to sell on a sunny summer afternoon.


frizatch said...

This poem made me panic a bit. I thought for a second GGNA did have a sale this year that I missed until I read about the tableclothes. I'm starting to get pretty inspired to get rid of a bunch of items. Too bad we're not have a sale in a week or so. ;)

jerrie hurd said...

It's all an endless round of stuff, stuff, stuff. I've been trying to pare down for years now. Somehow it all just keeps growing back like a weedy garden.