Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cours: a definition

qu'est-ce que c'est, cours?
she furrowed her brow,
they don’t have them here,
only in Paris, Madrid or Prague
the “cours’ where children play
behind solid stone walls, passersby
only glimpse a small segment of
the parabolic swing of a child
screaming with delight before
she jumps off onto a verdant
soft lawn sprinkled in fall leaves.
She wasn’t sure how to translate
this word “cours” because we
don’t really have them here
but I knew I wanted to spend
time there playing and laughing
where I had never been before.

1 comment:

Cecile said...

Le definition: Espace découvert qui dépend d’une maison, d’un hôtel, etc., et qui est entouré de murs ou de bâtiments.

C'est vriament ce que j'essayais de decrire