Friday, November 19, 2010

Escape Eyes Closed

she sits at the dinette
in silence, eyes closed,
listening to her beating heart,
willing the day to lift from her
shoulders, to release her tight
shoulders with each footstep
across the soft bed of
pine needles along her favorite
trail, smelling her body as ice,
snow and rain rippling along
the creek bed, water lifting into
the sky as white cumulous clouds
building to black thunderclouds,
coming down again as rain over
cities, mountains, lakes and
oceans, her feet keep stepping
across the soft pine needle beds.
she raises her arms up towards
the moon rising in the east,
the north star, finally taking
a breath and opening her eyes,
she sits at the same dinette,
body intact, composed of
the same atoms and molecules
as the stars, the Moon, the
rivers and streams.

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