Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bye Bye Messenger Bag

You came to me, fluorescent orange bag delivered
by two hands I used to hold when he and I crossed the street
or not, just to hold hands all the time and one day he said
he would marry me
I smiled
again when the bag arrived so many years later
from a man standing tall who doesn't need to hold a hand
to cross the road safely
but the bag
meant so much to me, decorated with personal pins,
filled with a red purse from San Francisco, a green
leather pencil case from Switzerland,
custom electronic boxes, who would need
those; no doubt heaved in a rubbish
bin in some alley,
pictures of my daughter,
pens, pencils, addresses,
so many little parts of my life,
taken away in my now faded orange
messenger bag that has traveled
so many miles and now
cast away like so much
trash by someone who
could care less.

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