Friday, April 27, 2012

Buddy: In Memory

in memory, how many memories, how many rawhides,
how many walks, of frisbees, and barking at rocks in the water,
of broken windows, fences and gates, of cute blonde girls
calming him in thunderstorms.

from desperate barking to delirious happiness with the opening of a door,
snoozing all day knowing that Dad was just resting in his bedroom
behind a closed door.

in memory of Buddy, who tolerated little Portia nipping at his heels,
or little boys pretending he is a lion, or pulling his tail,

this nutty dog who cancelled dates, interrupted vacations, and slobbered
generously in nearby laps whether needed it or not.

all he needed was Dad, or you, in a pinch, all the rest was icing.
to Buddy, may dog heaven be full of rawhides and little girls on
rollerskates who giggle, then stop to rub your head and smile.


Sharon Badian said...

Rest in peace, big loveable Buddy.

Gergő said...

One of the purest and most wonderful memory I've read so far. Thank you, and thank you, Buddy.

Genevieve said...

It's hard to say good-bye, but it was the right time. He was ready to go and we were with him the whole time. Thanks for your comments.