Monday, June 4, 2012

Beginning, Middle and End

In the beginning, we sat inside
the heat was oppressive
the glare off the tables hurt our eyes

the air conditioning was too cold
the dry chill sent us outside to a
table close to glass barrier -
we could watch people go by
without getting their germs.

the city emergency alarm warming system went off
alerting us over and over and over
that it was only a test, only a test, only a test.
we looked at each other expectantly
the pause was too long.

We couldn't think
with the man and his friends at the next table
doing what they were doing
what were they doing,
we moved

inside until they left
and we moved outside

We couldn't think with that woman articulating in precise complaints
her life's story, was she gesticulating

In the end, we moved to another table
the wind blew our papers, a siren blared,
a petitie man on a manly motorcycle made us laugh.

It's the end now, enjoy it while it lasts
which is never long enough.

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