Monday, January 19, 2015

A new operating system

he showed up at the door with his small briefcase.
khakis, a button down shirt, sturdy walking shoes.
I needed a new operating system,
he knew how to fix the one on my laptop
and had an array of tiny screwdrivers,
bent tweezers and torque drivers to do it.
the human brain is so much more complex.
Windows 8.1 is so much better than Windows 8
so I asked for that one and left him bent over
the bits and pieces of an old keyboard and
went about taking down Christmas lights,
folding laundry and doing dishes, things
I have avoided for many weeks,
just in time he finished.
he walked out the door in his sturdy walking shoes,
with his small briefcase,
khakis and button down shirt.
I waved good-bye.

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