Thursday, January 22, 2015

Family bonding over a TV series

you'd never believe how this family bonds
from so many miles away, not with handwritten
letters or boxes of chocolates, nor with handknit
mittens or Valentine's Day cards.
we share a Netflix account, Karen, Daniel,
Stephen and me, and we bond over what we're
She just finished episode 1 of House of Cards,
he inhaled the whole series in 2 days,
we sipped a couple times a week.
I never thought she'd watch, the most
elite of literary snobs, I tremble before
sharing with her the most recent book
I've read, unless it is her personal
So, we'll bond over House of Cards,
Game of Thrones, Hit or Miss,
Vikings, 24, Downton Abbey,
Homeland, as well as our
shared musings over the
perfect pie crust recipe,
the advantages of wide fatty
hips in growing intelligent babies*,
and the affection that knows no time
or distance.

(*that one's for you, Karen)

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