Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Sunday in a middle-aged woman's life

first thing in the morning,
the dog throws up on the walk and then
tries to eat it,  I use my plastic bag
to clean it up so no one else has to be grossed out.
like a middle-aged woman would do.
I checked the batteries to see if they were alive
and put those that aren't in the charger.
Ah, reading the New York Times article about
why women go after each other's throats
after the one on ISIS atrocities.
I'll clip my nails, simple and satisfying.
small pleasures of being middle aged.
This afternoon I couldn't make it all the way
up the hill and had to get off my bike and walk.
Am I really getting that weak?
my daughter, brother and his wife are coming
for dinner, I never regained any love of cooking
after doing it so many years, but managed
to put together something darn delicous.
I'll put away the leftovers and leave the dishes,
I want to get on my pajamas and read my
novel called Adultery, it's a good fantasy
for a middle-aged woman
like me.

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