Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Costa Rica

I called out to the toucans perched in the tree,
I called out to the bananas and their female blossoms,
the brilliant butterfly probing the blue blossoms,
I called out to the mist, the moving clouds,
to the trees towering into the sky, the cows grazing
in the field, the bridge,swinging under my feet.
there is no one else here and so I started singing
to the volcano, and the bird which flits along the path,
showing her white tail like a rabbit running
through the woods.
I called out to the rustle in the trees, the birds
calling to one another, the hum of life,
the layers of sound that shift from 
morning to night and as we sleep,
our minds will synchronize to this hum
we can only listen and hear. 

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