Wednesday, July 13, 2016

the neighborhood meeting

they all brought a lawn chair
the Secretary balances her laptop on her knees
the police are there with their report
the President scrawls notes in impossibly small letters,
I think he works for the CIA,
he is so secretive and doesn't seem to get anything done
after endless officer meetings.
He smiles with a far off look in his eyes.
Joel is talking out of turn and is reprimanded by
the Secretary,
he slouches away with his dog, Roe.
I think she'd be a good playmate for Bella.
The D family complain about high school students
smoking at the curb, like they always do, knowing
there is no solution but it feels good to talk about it
and Stephen checks his phone for distraction.
Rachael and Mary are yawning, Don is getting ready
for attack mode on his favorite issues.
I admit I disappeared with the excuse to check on
Bella, who really does not need checking,
she's still passed out from her vet visit,
but I'd rather be with her.

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