Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hiding Chocolate

having no self control when it comes to chocolate
it must be hidden from sight, or in another room
that threatens me when I slink in, or perhaps
a dispenser that doles out chocolate for large 
sums of money, and only three times a day,
small pieces.
I spotted this chocolate behind a picture frame,
surprised that it was in my office, surprised that
most of it was still wrapped up, waiting for me.
I love that stuff, coarse ground Mexican chocolate,
bittersweet, ground almonds, the grit polishes
your teeth.
and so, I ate a piece, and another, and several
and another just in case before I put it in a drawer
in the next office, where he will notice how often
I come in, and look at me with a wry smile
asking me how many pieces I have had today.
three, I say.
that's enough.

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