Friday, August 19, 2016

homelessness in Boulder

this morning
there were three groups of them,
two older women with bad teeth, heavy, dressed in rags,
another group of four men, handing a bottle back and forth
and another group of men, I didn't see what they were doing
as I rode my bicycle through a cloud of cigarette smoke.
this morning, I watched them pack up their bedrolls
from under the bridge
and yesterday, a man was sleeping against the fence,
wrapping his arms around himself to keep warm.
they are everywhere
and no where, hidden in bushes across the creek,
talking to themselves and squatting behind trees.
they will not go away and even after three glasses
of wine and the best wishes, we find no solutions
for them except to keep them from starving or freezing
at least, hoping some will find their way.

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