Monday, August 1, 2016

the windows had no curtains

the windows had no curtains
like the Stanley Hotel in the Shining.
I've stayed there and I was booked to stay here.
the innkeeper and I climbed three sets of stairs,
each set narrower than the previous
arriving at my room, a small iron framed bed
adjoining a living room shared by three suites.
I dropped my bag and left for the evening.

My friend and I came back late and we
reminisced over our last adventures together
not to be repeated.

I settled in alone for a needed good night's sleep.

Awake, awake, the party has started!
the inn keeper and her family laughing and
talking, I try to sleep, blocking the sounds the
best I could, and again, AWAKE, AWAKE!
the party continues.
if not for my pajamas and embarrassment for
the hostess, I would have marched out and demanded

and in the morning, sleepily descending the three
sets of stairs, each one less narrow than the last,
i am puzzled to see a single lonely setting at the table.
an older gentleman, no doubt the husband looks back
at me, quizzically.

and where is your wife and her family who arrived
last night and were talking and laughing upstairs?
his face turned white.
no one was here but you, miss.
even we were sleeping elsewhere.

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