Friday, February 24, 2017

adult children

adult children
an oxymoron.
adults have their own lives, jobs, independence.
children rely on parents, run to them for love and support.
no wonder we are all confused with this idea of
adult children.
is she my child and needing attending, or an adult
I'll chat with once in awhile when we both have the time
and interest.
this is what I ask myself
and is he a child needing guidance and support
or an adult with his own path,
occasionally calling his mother
as a dutiful son
and what about me, the mother,
do I hold no interest as a smart and independent
woman of my own right,
one that would, no doubt, if not also a mother.
a double oxymoron then of interesting mother
and adult children.
the discomfort of paradox.
make that triple docs,
or quadruple if you count
their father.

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