Wednesday, February 1, 2017

the airport

behind every concession counter is a black woman,
an Hispanic woman, a person
of color, size, accent different from me.
every TSA kiosk, a black man,
the janitors are black or Hispanic,
the kind people who wheel old people through
the airport, all different colored than me.

every seat on the airplane is filled with
white people, every bar filled with
white people.
at work, almost every engineer and scientist,
every technician seems to be white,
a few Asians, a few well educated rooted in other cultures.
there are few that look different from me.
in the meeting today, there were white people
in a white room with beautiful mountains in the background.

I want a rainbow of colors and sizes
in my life, at my work, in my neighborhood.
I will pull her from behind the counter
and ask her to walk with me to the
bar for a drink.
She will never go back.

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