Friday, April 17, 2009

Advice for a House Finch

think carefully before
selecting the largest house
with the biggest windows,
the one where you sit
on your nest safe from
the weather, overseeing
the front yard, the trees
across the street, the
neighbor birds bustling
about, flying by, seeing
you sitting so proudly on
your beautiful nest.
think carefully because
just as you see them, they
see you going to and fro,
finally settling in for the long
sit on those delicious little eggs,
waiting for you to take
a little break to stretch
your legs and how heartbroken
you will be when your
beautiful little nest swaying
in full view of all
your neighbors
so quickly emptied
of its delicious little
and so think carefully, my
little finch, of making your
nest in the best looking house
with the best view,
it may not be the
best nest.
I will post picture of my real birds tomorrow sometime.

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