Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Lives of Furniture II: The Dresser

I have seen many love affairs,
the mingling of underwear and socks
in my top drawer, and then their separation
as I moved cross country, from one
lover to another.
Children have pulled open my drawers
looking for Christmas presents,
other treasures, which Mother had
cleverly hidden elsewhere.
I have hidden a gun from someone
who thought it would solve their problems.
My wooden top is stained with
water left too long, covered with
books, stuffed animals missing eyes,
notes, price tags, the stuff of everyday life.
My drawers are lopsided, some of my handles
have gone missing for many years,
and now, now I hold my missus’ summer
clothes, her shorts and her blouses, except
my third drawer stuffed with sweaters.
I have aged gracefully and I humbly
continue to do my duty, watching lives
fold and unfold as my drawers open
and shut.

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frizatch said...

I like "The Lives of Furniture" series... and I think this one is my fav. I like the dinette one as well, but a lot of that could be me liking your dinette. ;)