Thursday, November 6, 2014


it was yummy 15 years ago
when kids didn't eat anything,
after a full day at work, mommy
had no energy, she could put a bit
of cottage cheese and sliced fruit
on the side, a few colors, a few textures
they would not starve after all.
my daughter might call it organic junk food
now, accusing me of bad parenting,
since when did basic nourishment
deserve the label of bad parenting
because it was not home-grown,
lovingly cooked and served
by a mom in a pink apron and cheerful 
smile, I might say that we mothers
deserve a medal for earning the money
to buy the food and then even having
the energy to cook the food, serve it
and do the clean-up.
how difficult to be a mother,
our reward to see our son healthy
enough to dead-lift 250 pounds,
and our daughter's brain sufficiently
nourished to receive faculty invitations
at top universities.
I think I did ok, even serving Annie's
on occasion, we all survived.

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