Sunday, July 12, 2015

Middle Age Hair-do's

ponytails on middle-aged women don't work,
she said,
the expert on hair, she's wearing a short haired cut for young women.
I am not so young.
I watch videos on using bobby pins, 
my teachers are blonde and young,
their fingers flexible, their hair does not crease,
there are no strands of grey.
No matter, I say, 
I will wear blouses instead of t-shirts,
my pants will hug (not too tight) my still slender physique.
I will wear my age more gracefully.
why not, my freckles have aged well,
my smile still brightens many a day,
I can learn this skill just as I learn
Matlab code, a new articulation or the gender of 
another noun in French.
Add this to my list of new skills,
using a bobby pin, beauty
in a hair style. 

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