Monday, July 6, 2015

A Bonsai Forest in a world of Assumptions

I walk in my forest with my white friends,
we all talk the same talk, we walk the same walk,
we all live with white people in white houses
we do white jobs, we live the white life.
the blue sky overhead.
we only know the white life.

I walk in the courtyard with my black dog 
and meet a black man.  
his friends are white friends, his neighbors are black neighbors.
he says they are my people, but they are not my friends.
he talks with a different accent than my white friends,
he's a mean cook,
he sings,
he is not a white man, but he is not what I expected
because my eyes were only white eyes.
I see that my forest was a tiny forest in a bonsai garden
I need to see the rest of the world.
Lead me there.

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