Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The neighborhood meeting

some of us were there,
the ones who bother to attend will make the
decisions; this is how democracy works.
show up and vote.
a flashing light pedestrian walk at 20th,
we'll keep the light at 22nd for now.
yep, the neighborhood will stand with others
who are trying to make their corner a better place.
Sorry, your howling puppy doesn't deserve our support.
We understand it's tough, but I personally would
be annoyed as well.
no, we don't agree with that big development
at 14th and we're worried about the historic trees
being removed at 17th, maybe we can express
our concern even if we have no legal leg to stand
we'll stand on the corner eating more pizza that
the owner brought by tonight.
it sure was good.
sorry you missed it.

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