Sunday, December 18, 2016


the woman in the back is eating cake,
I know, because I could hardly pull myself away.
Diane was wearing a black sheath showing off her
sculpted shoulders, I was wearing red at my very own
little black dress holiday party, I was holding a glass of
red wine, but had to put it down.
who are these people, my friends, 
Michele, who speaks six languages fluently,
LeRoy, we carpooled for several years, always
dropping my kids at school on the way, we repeated
ourselves so many times we had hand signals to indicate
another repeat.
Barry and Paula, his family, a woman in the back who I
can't quite make out, but I think it's Susan
who works too hard and needs to find a way to
have more fun and the big goof in the back,
my husband, Stephen, peeking over everyone's 
and me, looking happy, being happy
amongst all my friends.

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