Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Birthday, dear brother

Happy birthday, dear brother
the one who fixed my post box after a spree of vandalism
the one who held my hand through the flood of 2013
and who listens, sometimes with a wry smile.
happy birthday to my big brother who knows everything,
or at least thinks he does, I've learned to rely on him,
90% is good enough for me, the other 10% doesn't matter.
we used to promise to keep each other company in the nursing home
we both have wrinkles on our necks now
but have younger spouses
Stephen might be pushing me in my wheel chair
Chris might be pushing yours
maybe we will be pushed along side by side
things could be worse.
I'll treasure every day and every conversation with you,
dear brother, every fantastic dinner, every shared bottle of wine.
most of all, dear brother, I am so thankful for our 
conversations, our lunches and laughs, our dinners and delights,
thank you, dear brother, for being my friend. 

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