Thursday, March 16, 2017

and who will speak out?

who will speak out when we are all glued to our
FaceBook feed, hypnotised by the endless antics,
the unbelievable that keeps us hooked in to the screen,
disconnected from what we must do.
A speaker must have a listener but everyone's ear buds
are turned up, their eyes looking down at the screen.
let's all forget what democracy means.
who will speak out when we are all in a senseless
coma, beat down by the endless alt-right media,
almost everything can be normalized.
I remember reading an article about a man who
when healthy called for the legalization of euthanasia,
for the old to accept and embrace their life and let it go.
Until he had a stroke and could not longer walk,
feed or toilet by himself.
He lived on for years in this state
He reflected, wryly,
It's amazing what you can get used to.

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