Friday, March 3, 2017

what the weekdays look like

I bill by the 15 minute increments.  
last week I worked on 10 projects in 22 hours,
most days 5 projects, about one hour per project
the attention for each woven into the others,
each rubbing elbows with the next and the next.
I dutifully fill in my timecard at the end of every day
as required by the U.S. Government,
yes, that is a regulation I would get rid of.
but others, and I'm thinking of one, in particular,
scratches his balding head every month or so as
he ponders what he worked on in the last month.
He doesn't need a calendar  like this broken into 
one hour blocks,
one day I won't either and I'll sleep as late
as I want, too.

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