Tuesday, March 14, 2017

He will always be Pierre, our eyes will always match

he will always be Pierre
with that same wide smile, whether wearing diapers.
mismatched socks and a missing front teeth
or a tuxedo at some big event.
we found this photo while drinking wine
at our brother's and I captured his 40 year old smile
next to the one from 39 years ago.
my brother pointed to the age spots on his wrists
when we had lunch last weekend
everything is on schedule, he said,
the age spots, the thinning skin, balding,
reduced energy, but I noticed his eyes sparkling
with that same intensity and intelligence as always.
Pierre has the smile,
Jacques has the eyes
Our eyes will always match.
those will never change
we will always be the same inside
the spirit, the spark.

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